Notice No.   20200320-55   Notice Date   20 Mar 2020
Category   Settlement/RMS   Segment   General
Subject   Interoperability framework amongst Clearing Corporations for OFS Segment
Attachments   Annexure.pdf ;


Sub: Interoperability framework amongst Clearing Corporations for OFS Segment

Further to circular number 20200309-36 dated March 09, 2020, members are requested to note that trade file and custodian order file shall be provided Exchange-wise (to clearing members) from the day interoperability of clearing corporations becomes operational for OFS segment.


Accordingly, in addition to the files mentioned in the aforesaid circular, files as per attached Annexure will also be provided to member.


File Type

File Details


Trade file

Trade file to Trading Member

AN<DDMMYY>.<member code>

Trade file to Clearing Member

AN<DDMMYY>_CM_BSE.<member code>
AN<DDMMYY>_CM_NSE.<member code>
AN<DDMMYY>_CM_MSE.<member code>

Order File to Custodian


OFSORDP_BSE_<member code>_<DDMMYY>.csv

OFSORDP_NSE_<member code>_<DDMMYY>.csv

OFSORDP_MSE_<member code>_<DDMMYY>.csv


OFSORDF_BSE_<member code>_<DDMMYY>.csv

OFSORDF_NSE_<member code>_<DDMMYY>.csv

OFSORDF_MSE_<member code>_<DDMMYY>.csv



For and on behalf of BSE Ltd                                                       For and on behalf of ICCL        




Tejash Somaiya                                                                                 Ajay Darji

Addl. General Manager                                                                 Asst. General Manager

Trading Development                                                                    ICCL


March 20, 2020