Notice No.   20200306-14   Notice Date   06 Mar 2020
Category   Company related   Segment   Equity
Subject   Addendum to Notice No. 20200304-6 dated March 4, 2020

Further to the Trading Notice no. 20200304-6 dated March 4, 2020, the Trading Members may please note that the status of the company Prudential Sugar Corporation Ltd. has changed from “Delisted” to “Suspended” w.e.f March 6, 2020 and its group is “XT”.


All other provisions of the aforesaid notice remain unchanged.


In case the Trading Members require any clarification, they may contact Ms. Anshu Shrivastava on 2272 8534 or Mr. Ashik Joisar on 2272 8834.





Sambhaji Solat                                                                                   Anshu Shrivastava                

Manager                                                                                              Dy. Manager



Listing Compliance

March 6, 2020