Notice No.   20200131-24   Notice Date   31 Jan 2020
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Subject   Master Checklist for listing requirements
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The Exchange has well laid down guidelines for listing of securities that are revised from time to time as per requirements of law and the Stock Exchange. On the basis of the prescribed criteria, the Exchange periodically issues checklists /requirements giving details of the documents / requirements to be submitted by the issuers to the Exchange. In order  to assist the issuers in filing various applications for listing/further listing/forfeiture etc., of their securities, these checklists are transparently displayed on the BSE website.


In order to enable issuers/stakeholders to have access to all the applicable checklist/requirements for listing/further listing/forfeiture etc., of securities at one place, the Exchange compiles all the checklists into a single Master Circular and displays this on an annual basis on the website at , as a service to our esteemed corporate clients and investors at large.


This master checklist is a compilation of the documents/requirements as on January 31, 2020.


It may be noted that the documents and requirements mentioned in the Master Circular (checklists) are the basic requirements and that in certain cases, further documents/requirements may be called for as and when deemed necessary, in the interests of proper scrutiny and public disclosure. Please see the attached document - “Master Checklist  for Listing”.


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Date: January 31, 2020