Notice No.   20191018-25   Notice Date   18 Oct 2019
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Extended Trading in Gold ETF securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities on the occasion of Dhanteras
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On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras on October 25, 2019 the Exchange has decided to conduct Extended Live Trading session in Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities in the Equity Segment. Details of Gold ETF securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities that would be available for trading in the extended session are attached as Annexure.


Please note that trading during the extended trading session, shall be allowed only in the GOLD ETF securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities.  


Market timings for the Normal and Extended Trading Sessions on Friday October 25, 2019 are given below: 


Regular Market Sessions



Pre-opening Session



Continuous Trading Session



Block Deal Session 1



Block Deal Session 2



Closing Session



Post-Closing Session*











 Periodic Call Auctions and SPOS would be as usual during this session.


*Members may please note that there shall be no Post Closing Session for GOLD ETF securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) Securities. 


Extended  market timings for Gold ETF securities  and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities only



Extended Continuous Trading Session

5:00 pm

7:00 pm






Important Points to be noted regarding extended trading session on Friday October 25, 2019:


1.    Members would remain logged in to the trading system after the end of post-closing session at 4:00 pm and shall not need to log in again for the extended trading session at 5:00 pm.


2.    All unmatched pending orders of Gold ETF securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities at 3:30 pm shall be carried forward to the extended trading session. However, members can cancel these orders during the interim period.


3.    All trades done on Friday October 25, 2019 during the normal as well as extended trading sessions shall be merged and settled as per existing settlement schedule.


4.    Trade modification for Equity segment in RTRMS system shall be available till 7:15 pm.


5.    Bhavcopy for cash segment shall be published twice –


§  After close of normal market as per existing schedule: shall not include close prices of Gold ETF securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities.

§  After close of extended trading session:  Bhavcopy consisting of market statistics of all applicable securities including Gold ETF securities and Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) securities.


6.  Members shall receive 3 trade files –

§  Provisional trade file ( for trades upto 3:30 pm.

§  Final trade file ( for trades upto 4:00 pm.

§  Consolidated trade file ( for all trades upto 7:15 pm.



Please note that there is no change in trading timing of other segments. 


In case of any queries the members may please contact their respective Relationship Managers or following officials: 


Queries related to

Contact Person

Contact number

For General Queries

BSE Helpdesk


Post Trade (Settlement Related)

Ajay Darji /Nilesh Shah



Exchange wishes all market participants a Happy and Prosperous Dhanteras!



For & On Behalf of BSE Ltd,


Ketan Jantre

Sandeep Pujari

Sr.GM - Trading Operations

AGM - Trading Operations