Notice No.   20190912-30   Notice Date   12 Sep 2019
Category   Company related   Segment   Equity
Subject   Clarifications received from the companies
Attachments   Indiamart Intermesh Limited.pdf ; GeeCee Ventures Ltd.pdf ; Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd.pdf ; Deccan Gold Mines Ltd.pdf ; HSIL Ltd.pdf ; Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd.pdf ; Byke Hospitality Ltd.pdf ;

The Exchange has observed significant price/volume movement in following scrip/s in the recent past. The Exchange in order to ensure that trading member/investors have latest relevant information had written to the following company/ies. Reply received from them is attached herewith.

1. Deccan Gold Mines Ltd (Security Code: 512068)
2. Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd (Security Code: 500153)
3. Byke Hospitality Ltd (Security Code: 531373)
4. GeeCee Ventures Ltd (Security Code: 532764)
5. Indiamart Intermesh Limited (Security Code: 542726)

6. HSIL Ltd (Security Code: 500187)

7. Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd (Security Code: 539251)



For & On behalf of BSE Ltd

Yogendra Daxini

Saji Sunilkumar

Assistant General Manager




11th September, 2019