Notice No.   20190212-1   Notice Date   12 Feb 2019
Category   Others   Segment   General
Subject   Registration of Authorised Person in new / additional segment and cancellation of Sub Broker
Attachments   Annexures.docx ;

Trading Members (TM) of the Exchange are requested to refer to notice No.20190121-35 dated January 21, 2019 and arrange to submit applications through BEFS for migration of Sub Brokers (SB) affiliated with them to Authorized Person (AP) as per the checklist (link attached and simultaneously submit the original SEBI Sub Broker registration certificate along with the attached application letter (for migration of SB to AP) on letter head of the TM as per Annexure-IA.


Further, the SBs who are already registered as AP with the existing TM in the derivative segments of the Exchange, may apply through BEFS for addition of segment/s. The list of documents to be submitted are available on Exchange website link  on selection of “AP segment change”. Simultaneously, the TM shall be required to submit the original SEBI SB registration certificate along with the attached application letter on letter head of the TM as per Annexure-IB.


In case of cancellation of SB registration before March 31, 2019 or the registered SB changing its affiliation as AP with another TM of the Exchange, the following documents are required to be submitted to the Exchange:


a)      Application in the attached format

b)      Original SEBI Sub Broker registration certificate

c)      Copy of newspaper advertisement published (Proforma - Annexure II)


TMs are requested once again to submit the application for migration of SB to AP and additional segment registration of AP well in advance to ensure continuity of business.  


In case of any further clarification, kindly contact the below mentioned officials:


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Ms. Savita Deshmukh


Mr. Umesh Anchan


Mr. Jitendra Doshi



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Jitendra Doshi

Sr. Manager-Membership Operations