Notice No.   20180628-29   Notice Date   28 Jun 2018
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Daily Turnover file for securities traded in Equity Segment
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This is further to circular no. 20170316-42 dated June 20, 2018 regarding revision in transaction charges for securities traded in Equity Segment. It is proposed to introduce a daily Turnover file pertaining to the revised transaction charges. This file shall provide member wise-group wise daily and cumulative turnover only for trades on which revised transaction charges shall be applicable.
This file shall be provided on daily basis as a part of end of day files on EXTRANET only to members for whom transaction charges are computed as per Option-A slab provided in circular no 20170316-42.
The nomenclature of the file shall be - Turnover_TRC_ YYYYMMDD_Member Code.csv
File format and sample file is attached herewith as Annexure.
The above-mentioned change shall be made shall be made live with effect from Monday, 02 July 2018.
This file shall be provided in addition to existing transaction charges files.
For more details on Transaction charges in Equity segment member can refer following path on website:>Home-->Members-->New Membership-->Equity Segment--> Transaction Fees
In case of any queries or clarifications, trading members may kindly get in touch with their respective Relationship Manager.
For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.,

Tejash Somaiya
Omkar Wanage
Dy. General Manager
Trading Development
Trading Development

June 28, 2018