Notice No.   20180521-10   Notice Date   21 May 2018
Category   Company related   Segment   Equity
Subject   Proposed Compulsory Delisting of certain companies from the Exchange

Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that pursuant to the provisions of Regulation 22(3) of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Delisting of Equity shares) Regulations – 2009 (“Regulations”), the Exchange has issued Initial Public Notice (IPN) in the Financial Express and Nav Shakti on May 19, 2018 proposing the compulsory delisting of 182 companies. The said IPN providing the list of these companies along with their last known addresses as per records may be viewed under the following tab on the Exchange website:  


Home à Corporates  à Compliance à  Compulsory Delisting à  Initial Public Notice à  Initial Public Notice dated May 19, 2018


In case the Trading Members require any clarification, they may contact Mr. Kaustubh Kulkarni on 22728834 / Ms. Anshu Shrivastava on 2272 8534 /Ms. Arpita Joshi on 2272 8384.




Netra Sahani                                                                             Abhijit Pai

Dy. General Manager                                                               Dy. General Manager



Listing Compliance

May 21, 2018