Notice No.   20180403-38   Notice Date   03 Apr 2018
Category   Others   Segment   General
Subject   Declaration of F6 Finserve Pvt. Ltd, (Clg no. 6535) as defaulter as well as its expulsion

Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the Exchange has declared F6 Finserve Pvt. Ltd. (Clg No. 6535), a corporate Trading Member of the Exchange as defaulter and also expelled the said Trading Member w.e.f. April 3, 2018, under the following provisions Rules, Bye-laws and Regulations of the Exchange:-

1.    Clause 1 – Declaration of Default of Chapter XIV – Default of Byelaws of BSE Ltd. for failure to deposit the admissible claim amount decided in IGRC
2.    Clause 3 – Misconduct of Chapter IV – Disciplinary proceedings, penalties, suspension and expulsion of Rules of BSE Ltd. for failure to reply to the complaints forwarded to them and also reply to the show cause notices issued by the Exchange.
Investors having any outstanding claims against F6 Finserve Pvt. Ltd. are advised to file their claims with the Exchange, if they so desire, within 90 days from the date of issue of this notice i.e. by July 2, 2018 as provided under SEBI Circular No. MRD/DoP/SE/Cir-38/2004 dated October 28, 2004, circular No. MRD/DP/06/2011 dated June 16, 2011, circular no. SEBI/HO/DMS/CIR/P/2017/15 dated 23rd February, 2017 and any other modifications/circulars as may be issued by SEBI in this regard, from time to time.
The eligible claims filed before the aforesaid specified date would be considered for compensation from the Investor Protection Fund (IPF), as per the provision of SEBI circular no. CIR/MRD/DP/28/2014 dated September 29, 2014 to the maximum extent of Rs. 15 Lacs per client. Further the eligible claims filed by investors after the specified date are required to provide reasons for delay in filing the claim and should satisfy the IPF that the claim could not have been filed during the specified period for the reasons beyond the control of the claimant.
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