Notice No.   20171124-33   Notice Date   24 Nov 2017
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Merger of ‘XC’ and ‘XD’ Groups to ‘X’ Group

Trading Members are requested to refer to Exchange notice 20151015-7 dated Oct 15, 2015, Notice no. 20160128-35 dated January 28, 2016 and Notice no. 20170630-40  dated June 30,2017 regarding Classification of securities of companies under ‘XC’, ‘XD’ and ‘XT’ sub-segments.

Trading Members are requested to note that Exchange has decided to merge the groups ‘XC’ and ‘XD’ into new group ‘X’ with effect from December 01, 2017.

In view of the above, trading members may note the following with effect from December 01, 2017 –

·         All the existing scrips belonging to groups ‘XC’ and ‘XD’ shall be shifted to group ‘X’. Further ‘XC’ & ‘XD’ groups shall be discontinued.

·         The transaction charges for scrips in ‘X’ group shall be same as applicable for ‘XC’ and ‘XD’ groups.

·         Single Order Limits: Existing limits set by members for each of their traders for ‘XC’& ‘XD’ groups as on November 30, 2017 (end-of-day) shall be applied to ‘X’ group, taking lower of the limits set between them. In other words, lower of single order quantity limits between ‘XC’& ‘XD’ groups shall be applied to ‘X’ group. Same shall be done for single order value limit as well. This shall be done as a one-time activity to facilitate above-mentioned activity of shifting of scrips & minimize impact to trading members. Members shall be able to change these limits, as per their risk management policy, using RTRMS-ZT system (Single Order Limit (Equity) window) from the said go-live date. Following is the example of single order limit change -

Member ID

Trader ID

Single order quantity limit

Single order value limit

XC (XC-exclusive)

XD (XD-exclusive)

X (X-exclusive)

XC (XC-exclusive)

XD (XD-exclusive)

X (X-exclusive)










·         Other attributes such as price bands applicable for ‘X’ group shall be same as ‘XC’ and ‘XD’ groups.


·         There will be no change in ‘XT’ group.

Important Note:

1.       Members using BOLT TWS -

·         Both Admin and Trader have to download new scrip master for Equity segment on December 01, 2017 which will reflect the new ‘X’ group.

·         If group-wise limits for ‘XC’ & ‘XD’ groups have been assigned for each trader ID (using RTRMS-ZT ‘All Trade Limit (Equity) window), then same has to be assigned for the new X group.

·         If Admin user has blocked ‘XC and/or ‘XD’ groups for his trader (using ‘Trader Entitlement and Client Master Window’ on BOLT TWS), then he has to again block for ‘X’ group.


2.      Members using vendor-based or in-house trading application  -

·         Appropriate limits will have to be assigned for the new ‘X’ group, as per their risk management policy.



For and On Behalf of BSE Ltd,

Ketan Jantre

Sandeep Pujari

GM-Trading Operations

AGM-Trading Operations