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Notice No.   20170615-23   Notice Date   15 Jun 2017
Category   Compliance   Segment   Equity
Subject   Comprehensive review of Margin Trading facility
Attachments   Annexure-1.pdf ;


This is in continuation to SEBI circular nos. SEBI/MRD/SE/SU/Cir-16/04 dated March 31, 2004, MRD/DoP/SE/Cir-08/2005 dated March 04, 2005 and Exchange notice nos. 20040402-31 dated April 2, 2004 and 20050314-14 dated March 14, 2005 on the captioned matter.
SEBI vide circular no. CIR/MRD/DP/54/2017 dated June 13, 2017 has issued revised framework for Margin Trading Facility.
The copy of the SEBI circular is attached herewith as Annexure-1.
Stock brokers are advised to take note of the same and ensure compliance.
For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.
Hitasha Gurbani                                                                              Priya Pillai
Assistant General Manager                                                           Manager
Broker Supervision                                                                          Broker Supervision