Notice No.   20170426-1   Notice Date   26 Apr 2017
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Mock Bidding Session for InvITs

Trading Members of the Exchange and Self Certified Bank (SCSB) are requested to refer to Securities and Exchange Board of India (Infrastructure Investment Trusts) Regulations, 2014 as amended and the circular issued thereunder, including circular no CIR/IMD/DF/55/2016 dated May 11, 2016.

In relation with the above, the Exchange has developed the facility on its Web based platform (IBBS) to accumulate the Bids from the applicants for Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs).

All participants are hereby informed that the Exchange would conduct mock session for InvITs on the IBBS platform on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 and Thursday, April 27,2017.

Schedule of Mock Session for InvITs is as follows:




Bid Entry Period

11.00 am

5.00 pm


1)      The URL for IBBS Module is

2)    Login Ids shall be same as Clearing Code of the Trading Member/Bank Code of SCSB which is used in the current Demo IBBS Environment

Details of Mock Parameters are given below:

Trust Name


InvIT Symbol


Issue Size


At Rs.100/- : 50,00,00,000 Units aggregating Rs. 5000,00,00,000/-

  At Rs.102/- : 50,00,00,000 Units aggregating  Rs. 5100,00,00,000/-

Trading Lot (Shares) 

Initial lot of 10,000 Units & in multiples of 5,000 Units thereof

Tick Size

Re. 1/-

Price Band (Floor Price – Cap Price) (In Rupees)    

Rs 100- Rs 102

Minimum Order Size (Value)

At Rs.100/- : Rs.10,00,000/- and in multiples of Rs.5,00,000/- thereof

   At Rs.102/-: Rs. 10,20,000/- and in multiples of Rs. 5,10,000/-

Amount blocked based on Allocation Method

Maximum bid value of the multiple bids.

Categories allowed

Banks and Financial Institutions – FI

FPI investor Cat I & II + FII + Sub Accounts – FII

Mutual Funds – MF

Insurance Companies – IC

Individual Investors / NRI/ HUF – IND

Body Corporate – CO

NII's ( All entities other than QIB's, Bodies Corporate and Individuals i.e. FIISA) – NOH

   Others – OTH



                In case of any queries or further clarification/help on the above, please contact:


Name of Official

Contact Number

Email Id

Sandeep Pujari


Amrin Memon



Mock Trading Session Feedback

To be able to provide Members and Self Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB) with a robust and efficient system for Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) with better features, feedback from all members and Self Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB) are very important. We request all members and Self Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB) to give their feedback of the mock session to BSE Officials on the contact numbers/email provided above.

The features of Infrastructure Investments Trusts are described as under:

1.       Issuer shall accept bids for both ASBA and Non-ASBA facilities

2.       Participants will be Self-Certified Syndicate Banks and Syndicate members under the ASBA facility

3.       Three Bids per application will be allowed

4.       The issue bidding shall be within the price band

5.       The bids made by the applicants in InvITs shall not be revised downwards or withdrawn. Only Upward modification would be allowed

6.       The Issue shall be kept for a minimum of three days or a maximum of thirty days

7.       DP Id and Client id correction could be available on during the bidding period and T + 1 day

8.        TRS printing for confirmed bids would be available



Bhushan Mokashi                                                            Sandeep Pujari

Dy.General Manager                                                      Senior Manager

Listing Sales & Ops                                                           Trading Operations