Notice No.   20160311-33   Notice Date   11 Mar 2016
Category   Company related   Segment   Equity
Subject   Master circular for listing requirements
Attachments   Master Checklist for Listing.docx ;


Sub: Master circular for listing requirements
The Exchange has well laid down guidelines for listing of securities that are revised from time to time as per requirements of law and the stock exchange. Also, on the basis of the criteria laid down, the Exchange periodically issues checklists /requirements lists on its website to enable issuers for listing/further listing/delisting/forfeiture etc., of the securities to understand the requirements and submit the appropriate requirements.
In order to enable issuers/stakeholders to have access to all the applicable checklist/requirements for listing/further listing/delisting/forfeiture etc., of securities at one place, it has been decided to compile all the checklists into a single Master Circular  - the same is also displayed on our website at
This master circular is a compilation of the checklist/requirements list as on March 11, 2016. It may be noted that the documents and requirements mentioned in the Master Circular (checklists) are the basic requirements and that in certain cases, further documents/requirements may be called for as and when deemed necessary, in the interests of proper scrutiny and public disclosure.
Please see the attached document - “Master Checklist for Listing”.
In case any additional clarification / guidance required, you may contact the following officials.
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Mr. Bhushan Mokashi
2272 8406
Mr. Pratik Pednekar
2272 8987
Mr. Nitin Pujari
2272 8398
Mr. Atul Dhotre
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For and on behalf of BSE Ltd
Khushro Bulsara                                                                    Hitesh Desai
Sr. General Manager                                                            Dy Gen Manager 
Date: March 11, 2016