Notice No.   20151221-17   Notice Date   21 Dec 2015
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Enhancement in existing transaction charges report of Equity Segment
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This is further to the circular no. 20151217-28 dated December 17, 2015 regarding revision in transaction charges in Equity Segment.

Trading members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the existing transaction charges report available in Equity segment (TRC<Settl No>. <>) shall undergo a change as follows  –

Now, transaction charges report will contain separate record of total trade turnover & transaction charges on that turnover as per revised rate of Rs 10,000 per crore as applicable.

The sample file of report has been attached herewith as Annexure.


The above-mentioned change shall be made with effect from Friday, January 01, 2016. 

For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.,


Vivek Garg

Ketan Jantre

General Manager

General Manager

Trading Development

Trading Operations


December 21, 2015