Notice No.   20150526-31   Notice Date   26 May 2015
Category   Trading   Segment   Derivatives
Subject   Introduction of Paired Option contracts in Equity Derivatives Segment-Update

 Further to notice number 20150522-54 dated 22 May 2015, Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that, paired option contracts have now been available for testing in Equity Derivatives Simulation environment.

On account of this, a new version of IML exe version 7.10 had been released for testing on the link under ‘Equity Derivatives Segment - Test Environment Setup'.
Please note that the IML Version 7.10 is an Optional release. IML users currently using IML exe version 7.0 and desirous of developing and testing the proposed functionality of paired contracts shall have to use the above mentioned new version of IML exe.
For ETI based API users, there is no change in the API.  Existing ETI API ver.1.5.3 shall be applicable and the same is already available on the link under ‘Equity Derivatives Segment - Test Environment Setup’.

 Please refer to the updated spread master file available under the ‘download master files’ link under ‘Equity Derivatives Segment - Test Environment Setup' for sample test files containing paired options contracts.

The functionality shall be made Live with effect from Monday, June 22, 2015.
In case of queries on the subject, trading members/vendors may get in touch with IML Info and IML Tech Support teams as per the contact details given below –

Email ID
Tel No.
Iml Info team
022–22728524 / 8595
IML Tech Support Team
022- 22728053

For & On Behalf of BSE Ltd.,

Rajesh Saraf
Ameya Bhagwat
Sr.GM - Trading Development
Manager-Trading  Development

 May 26, 2015