Notice No.   20130820-31   Notice Date   20 Aug 2013
Category   Trading   Segment   Derivatives
Subject   Introduction of Liquidity Enhancement Incentive Programme (LEIPS) – XIII for BSE Derivative segment.
Attachments   LEIPS-XIII Programme Brochure.pdf ;


Pursuant to SEBI Circular CIR/DNPD/5/2011 dated June 2, 2011 (BSE Notice no-20110602-18, dated June 02, 2011), permitting stock exchanges to introduce Liquidity Enhancement Schemes (LES) for illiquid securities in their equity derivatives segment, the Exchange has launched a series of Liquidity Enhancement Incentive Programmes (LEIPS) with the goal of creating lasting, self-sustaining liquidity in BSE's Derivatives Segment.
In view of this, Trading Members are hereby informed that the Exchange is launching the 13th programme in the series viz. LEIPS – XIII on September 4, 2013.
The Programme focuses on Options Contracts on S&P BSE SENSEX. The programme incentivises both MMs and GMPs by payment of cash for their participation as per prescribed terms & conditions.
Active trading members of Derivative Segment of the Exchange who have already signed up in LEIPS X and LEIPS-XI, LEIPS-XII programme as GMPs shall be treated as GMPs in LEIPS-XIII programme as well. Trading members who wish to opt out of the LEIPS-XIII programme as GMPs shall be required to intimate the Exchange of the same.
Registered Market Makers of LEIPS X, LEIPS-XI and LEIPS-XII programme shall have to register themselves as a Market Maker in LEIPS- XIII programme & expressly indicate their interest to do Market Making in the underlying securities eligible under LEIPS-XIII programme.
Other active trading members of Derivative Segment of the Exchange can register themselves as a Market Maker (MM) or a General Market Participant (GMP) for this programme as well.
LEIPS-XIII envisages the MMs to have a continuous quoting obligation with specified size and spread in option contracts on S&P BSE SENSEX. The programme offers 4 types of incentives to market participants – 
·         Trading volume based daily cash incentives to MMs & GMPs.
·         Quote based incentives for MMs.
·         Open Interest (OI) based cash incentives paid on daily basis for average daily OI to MMs
          and GMPs
·         Lower transaction fees for all active trading members
Details of LEIPS-XIII programme are enclosed herewith as Annexure.
For any further clarifications, please contact their designated Relationship Managers.
For and on behalf of BSE Limited.

Devika Shah
                            Sameer Vaze
Sr. GM-Trading Operations
                         Manager-Trading Operations