Notice No.   20130104-15   Notice Date   04 Jan 2013
Category   Others   Segment   SME
Subject   Change in Market Maker in BCB Finance Ltd


BSE SME Platform

BSE Ltd.                            

DATE: 04-01-2013


To: All Trading Members of the BSE Ltd.

SUBJECT: Change of Market Maker in BCB Finance Ltd



Members of the Stock Exchange are hereby informed that Aryaman Financial Services Ltd, the Merchant Banker to BCB Finance Ltd (Scrip Code: 534109) has informed us that M/s Ikab Securities and Finance Ltd will no longer act as Market Maker in the said company. Therefore they have entered into an agreement with Aryaman Broking Ltd (Clg. No. 6514) to act as Market Maker and comply with the duties and obligation of Market Making.


In view of this Aryaman Broking Ltd will act at Market Maker for the company w.e.f 7th January 2013.


In case of any clarification on the subject matter of the Notice, please contact:


Mr. Ajay Thakur on 022-2272 8291 ( )

Ms. Joy Benson on 022- 2272 8277 ( )



Ajay Thakur


BSE SME Exchange