Notice No.   20120530-20   Notice Date   30 May 2012
Category   Others   Segment   SME
Subject   Book Building Fees on BSE SME Platform


                                                                                                            BSE SME Platform
                                                                                                            DATE: 30-05-2012
To: All Trading Members of the BSE Ltd.
SUBJECT: Book Building Fees on BSE SME Platform
Ref: Circular on Market making and Listing Fees dated 09-03-2012
Please refer to the BSE SME Circular in above reference on the Market making (MM) and Listing Fees for listing of SMEs on the ‘SME Exchange / Platform’. In this regard, we would like to inform the trading members that the Book Building Fees given in the Annexure-2 of the above Circular has been revised and will be as follows.
Issue Size
Book Building
Fixed price
Up to Rs. 10 crores
Rs. 200000/-
Rs. 100000/-
Rs. 100000/-
More than Rs. 10 crores
Rs. 300000/-
Rs. 150000/-
Rs. 150000/-
In case of any clarification on the subject matter of the Notice, please contact:
Mr. Ajay Thakur on 022-2272 8291 ( )
Ms. Soyal Gupta on 022-2272 8893 ( )
Ajay Thakur
Manager, BSE SME