Notice No.   20120309-32   Notice Date   09 Mar 2012
Category   Trading   Segment   SME
Subject   CIRCULAR - Market Making and Listing Fees on BSE SME Exchange
Attachments   CIRCULAR - 09-03-2012 - Annexure - 2.doc ; CIRCULAR - 09-03-2012 - Annexure - 1.doc ;


                                                                                                            BSE SME EXCHANGE

                                                                                                            BSE Ltd.

DATE: 09-03-2012


To: All Trading Members of the BSE Ltd.

SUBJECT: Market Making and Listing Fees on BSE SME Exchange

Reference: Letter No. OW/WRD/DSA/30653/2011 dated 27-09-2011 of SEBI


Please refer to the SEBI letter in above reference and the BSE Media Release dated September 28, 2011, which affirms that ‘SEBI grants the approval to Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. for setting up the ‘SME Exchange / Platform’.   


SEBI has time to time issued circulars, clarifying the regulations for Setting-up of SME Platform/ Exchange. The Rules and the regulations are given on the BSE SME Exchange website BSE Ltd. is fully compliant with these circulars and will be launching the BSE SME Exchange soon.


This is an Exchange notice informing all the Members and market intermediaries about the Market Making (MM) and Listing Fees on the BSE SME Exchange. The Market Making (MM) Guidelines would be as applicable per the Annexure-1 attached herewith. The Listing Fees will be levied on the listing SMEs on BSE SME Exchange as per the Annexure - 2.

In case of any clarification on the subject matter of the Notice, please contact:


Mr. Ajay Thakur on 022-2272 8291 ( )

Ms.  Soyal Gupta on 022-2272 8893 ( )



Ajay Thakur


BSE SME Exchange