Paired Option Contracts

About Paired Option Contracts

A paired option contract is new facility being introduced in BSE Derivatives segment. This facility allow trader to take positions across two different option contracts belonging to the same underlying asset by entering a single order.

Salient Features of Paired Option Contracts

  • Paired options contracts are 2-legged contracts that allows a trader to take positions on 2 different option contracts belonging to the same underlying asset, at the same strike price and having the same expiry.
  • Market lot, tick size and expiry of such contract is same as that of its corresponding individual leg.
  • These contracts are available on current, near and far monthly contract.
  • Minimum 2 In-the-Money, 2 Out-of-the-Money and 1 At-the-Money paired option contracts are made available for Trading.
  • Paired option contract shall comprise of one Call leg and one Put leg having same strike price and expiry.
  • Buying such contract implies taking a buy position in the individual Call option contract and sell position in the individual Put option contract with same strike price and expiry.
  • Nomenclature of a paired option contract will be as follows:
    < Product code > < Type of Contract i.e. CNV > < Year and Month of Expiry > < Strike price >
    Given below is an example of SENSEX paired option contract with March 2015 expiry and 29500 strike price.
    BSXCNV15-MAR29500.00 BSX: - Option product code as defined in contract master. CNV :- Paired Option Contract 15-MAR :- Expiry Year and Month 29500 :- Strike Price