Shareholding Pattern
Scrip Code : 532413Quarter ending : September 2015

Shareholding of securities (including shares, warrants, convertible securities) of persons belonging to the category Public and holding more than 1% of the total number of shares

Sl. No.Name of the ShareholderNo. of Shares heldShares as % of Total No. of SharesDetails of warrantsDetails of convertible securitiesTotal shares (including underlying shares assuming full conversion of warrants and convertible securities) as a % of diluted share capital
Number of warrants heldAs a % total number of warrants of the same classNumber of convertible securities held% w.r.t total number of convertible securities of the same class
1Davos International Fund60393807.1600.0000.007.16
2Stream Value Fund60393807.1600.0000.007.16
3Leman Diversified Fund60393807.1600.0000.007.16
4Sparrow Asia Diversified Opportunities Fund60393807.1600.0000.007.16
5Heshika Growth Fund39494964.6800.0000.004.68
6Scenic Overseas(S) Pte Ltd. Singapore36000004.2700.0000.004.27
7Leytron Technology Pte.Ltd. Singapore33000003.9100.0000.003.91
8Ssj Finance & Securities Pvt. Ltd.29516133.5000.0000.003.50
9Lpp Developers Private Limited27000003.2000.0000.003.20
10Cimelia Resource Recovery Pte Ltd23000002.7300.0000.002.73
11Ssj Finance & Securities Pvt. Ltd.22551432.6700.0000.002.67
12Kalisp Realty Private Limited22500002.6700.0000.002.67
13Horizen Ventures Management Company Private Limited19000002.2500.0000.002.25
14Ashokkumar Chandulal Patel11907101.4100.0000.001.41
15Himkanchan Impex Pvt Ltd9632211.1400.0000.001.14
16Indiabulls Infrastructure Credit Limited9613961.1400.0000.001.14