Shareholding Pattern
Scrip Code : 523415Quarter ending : September 2015

Shareholding of securities (including shares, warrants, convertible securities) of persons belonging to the category Public and holding more than 1% of the total number of shares

Sl. No.Name of the ShareholderNo. of Shares heldShares as % of Total No. of SharesDetails of warrantsDetails of convertible securitiesTotal shares (including underlying shares assuming full conversion of warrants and convertible securities) as a % of diluted share capital
Number of warrants heldAs a % total number of warrants of the same classNumber of convertible securities held% w.r.t total number of convertible securities of the same class
1RAMESH M R1211822.6900.0000.002.69
3SANTOSH SITARAM GOENKA738961.6400.0000.001.64
4SHIFALI MEHTA654621.4500.0000.001.45
5RAJIV MEHTA592281.3100.0000.001.31
6GROWMORE LEASING & INVESTMENT P LTD578001.2800.0000.001.28
7DHARAM VIR505361.1200.0000.001.12