Shareholding Pattern Public Shareholder
Scrip Code : 570004Quarter ending : March 2016

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Public shareholder

Category & Name of the ShareholdersNo. of shareholderNo. of fully paid up equity shares heldTotal no. shares heldShareholding % calculated as per SCRR, 1957 As a % of (A+B+C2)No. of Voting Rights held in each class of securitiesNo. of equity shares held in dematerialized form(Not Applicable)
No. of Voting RightsTotal as a % of (A+B+C)
Class eg: XClass eg:yTotal
B1) Institutions00 0.000.00
Mutual Funds/16601601 0.006016010.0099
Foreign Portfolio Investors191707841,70,784 0.891,70,7841,70,7840.891,70,361
Financial Institutions/ Banks93722937,229 0.1937,22937,2290.1937,060
Any Other (specify)23294953,29,495 1.713,29,4953,29,4951.713,29,495
International Finance Corporation03294453,29,445 1.713,29,4453,29,4451.713,29,445
Sub Total B1465381095,38,109 2.795,38,1095,38,1092.795,37,015
B2) Central Government/ State Government(s)/ President of India00 0.000.00
B3) Non-Institutions00 0.000.00
Individual share capital upto Rs. 2 Lacs50183766896976,68,969 39.7576,68,96976,68,96939.7575,60,745
Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs8191088219,10,882 9.9019,10,88219,10,8829.9019,10,882
Any Other (specify)3923331657133,16,571 17.1933,16,57133,16,57117.1932,95,730
Trusts412521,252 0.011,2521,2520.011,252
Foreign Individuals or NRI7522794502,79,450 1.452,79,4502,79,4501.452,77,325
HUF9376014806,01,480 3.126,01,4806,01,4803.126,01,480
Employees14902075972,07,597 1.082,07,5972,07,5971.081,91,693
Clearing Members1532691492,69,149 1.392,69,1492,69,1491.392,69,149
Bodies Corporate587195764319,57,643 10.1519,57,64319,57,64310.1519,54,831
Sub Total B354114128964221,28,96,422 66.841,28,96,4221,28,96,42266.841,27,67,357
B=B1+B2+B354160134345311,34,34,531 69.631,34,34,5311,34,34,53169.631,33,04,372
Details of the shareholders acting as persons in Concert including their Shareholding (No. and %):
Details of Shares which remain unclaimed may be given here along with details such as number of shareholders, outstanding shares held in demat/unclaimed suspense account, voting rights which are frozen etc.
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(2) The above format needs to disclose name of all holders holding more than 1% of total number of shares
(3) W.r.t. the information pertaining to Depository Receipts, the same may be disclosed in the respective columns to the extent information available,.