Shareholding Pattern Public Shareholder
Scrip Code : 532215Quarter ending : June 2016

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Public shareholder

Category & Name of the ShareholdersNo. of shareholderNo. of fully paid up equity shares heldNo. of shares underlying Depository ReceiptsTotal no. shares heldShareholding % calculated as per SCRR, 1957 As a % of (A+B+C2)No. of Voting RightsTotal as a % of Total Voting rightNo. of equity shares held in dematerialized form(Not Applicable)
B1) Institutions00 0.000.00
Mutual Funds/46821783730321,78,37,303 9.4621,78,37,3039.1421,78,37,303
ICICI PRUDENTIAL VALUE FUND - SERIES 11373030083,73,03,008 1.623,73,03,0081.563,73,03,008
HDFC TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED-HDFC EQUITY FUND1342074313,42,07,431 1.493,42,07,4311.433,42,07,431
RELIANCE EMERGENT INDIA FUND1370555033,70,55,503 1.613,70,55,5031.553,70,55,503
FRANKLIN INDIA MONTHLY INCOME PLAN1238910702,38,91,070 1.042,38,91,0701.002,38,91,070
Foreign Portfolio Investors952105329633912,58,4961,05,45,54,835 45.811,05,32,96,33944.171,05,45,54,835
CINNAMON CAPITAL LIMITED1574429125,74,42,912 2.505,74,42,9122.415,74,42,912
CREDIT SUISSE (SINGAPORE) LIMITED1495351394,95,35,139 2.154,95,35,1392.084,95,35,139
GOVERNMENT PENSION FUND GLOBAL1310100413,10,10,041 1.353,10,10,0411.303,10,10,041
GOLDMAN SACHS (SINGAPORE) PTE1285282742,85,28,274 1.242,85,28,2741.202,85,28,274
CENTAURA INVESTMENTS (MAURITIUS) PTE LTD1255479082,55,47,908 1.112,55,47,9081.072,55,47,908
LAZARD ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC A/C LAZARD EMERGING MARKETS PORTFOLIO1277809922,77,80,992 1.212,77,80,9921.172,77,80,992
Financial Institutions/ Banks27272813427,28,134 0.1227,28,1340.1127,28,134
Insurance Companies119898516378,98,51,637 3.908,98,51,6373.778,98,51,637
ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LTD1443879174,43,87,917 1.934,43,87,9171.864,43,87,917
Any Other (specify)412519515,34,33216,59,527 0.071,25,1950.0116,59,527
FOREIGN BODIES-DR3015,34,33215,34,332 0.070.0015,34,332
FOREIGN BANK11251951,25,195 0.011,25,1950.011,25,195
Sub Total B11570136383860827,92,8281,36,66,31,436 59.361,36,38,38,60857.201,36,66,31,436
B2) Central Government/ State Government(s)/ President of India00 0.000.00
B3) Non-Institutions00 0.000.00
Individual share capital upto Rs. 2 Lacs44252812291094812,29,10,948 5.3412,29,10,9485.1511,47,10,757
Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs98545421165,45,42,116 2.375,45,42,1162.295,45,42,116
NBFCs registered with RBI197345573,455 0.0073,4550.0073,455
Any Other (specify)127444850789455,0004,85,62,894 2.114,85,07,8942.034,84,94,844
CLEARING MEMBERS517382769238,27,692 0.1738,27,6920.1638,27,682
FOREIGN NATIONALS3700700 0.007000.00700
BODIES CORPORATES2516278364532,78,36,453 1.212,78,36,4531.172,77,68,403
NON RESIDENT INDIANS9653649648255,00065,51,482 0.2864,96,4820.2765,51,482
TRUSTS55103465671,03,46,567 0.451,03,46,5670.431,03,46,567
Sub Total B345538922603441355,00022,60,89,413 9.8222,60,34,4139.4821,78,21,172
B=B1+B2+B3456959158987302128,47,8281,59,27,20,849 69.191,58,98,73,02166.681,58,44,52,608
Details of the shareholders acting as persons in Concert including their Shareholding (No. and %):
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