Shareholding Pattern Public Shareholder
Scrip Code : 519136Quarter ending : September 2017

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Public shareholder

Category & Name of the ShareholdersNo. of shareholderNo. of fully paid up equity shares heldPartly paid-up equity shares heldNo. of shares underlying Depository ReceiptsTotal no. shares heldShareholding % calculated as per SCRR, 1957 As a % of (A+B+C2)No. of Voting Rights held in each class of securitiesNo. of Shares Underlying Outstanding convertible securities (including Warrants)Total shareholding , as a % assuming full conversion of convertible securities ( as a percentage of diluted share capital) No. of Locked in sharesNo. of equity shares held in dematerialized form(Not Applicable)
No. of Voting RightsTotal as a % of (A+B+C) No.(a)As a % of total Shares held(b)
Class eg: XClass eg:yTotal
B1) Institutions00 0.00
Mutual Funds/261835218,352 0.0518,35218,3520.050.05 0.007,153
Financial Institutions/ Banks244074940,749 0.1040,74940,7490.100.10 0.0035,828
Insurance Companies41694631,69,463 0.431,69,4631,69,4630.430.43 0.001,69,463
Sub Total B1542285642,28,564 0.572,28,5642,28,5640.570.57 0.002,12,444
B2) Central Government/ State Government(s)/ President of India00 0.00
B3) Non-Institutions00 0.00
Individual share capital upto Rs. 2 Lacs75423774531777,45,317 19.4477,45,31777,45,31719.4419.44 0.0046,11,856
Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs44266879026,68,790 6.7026,68,79026,68,7906.706.70 0.0026,68,790
NBFCs registered with RBI226002,600 0.012,6002,6000.010.01 0.002,600
Any Other (specify)6599187816918,78,169 4.7118,78,16918,78,1694.714.71 0.0015,81,712
Bodies Corporate5038699568,69,956 2.188,69,9568,69,9562.182.18 0.008,31,184
NRI – Repat53824366934,36,693 1.104,36,6934,36,6931.101.10 0.001,81,509
NRI – Non- Repat1743055530,555 0.0830,55530,5550.080.08 0.0030,555
Overseas corporate bodies225002,500 0.012,5002,5000.010.01 0.00
Trusts3325325 0.003253250.000.00 0.00325
Director or Director's Relatives2106106 0.001061060.000.00 0.00105
Clearing Members321704217,042 0.0417,04217,0420.040.04 0.0017,042
HUF5015209925,20,992 1.315,20,9925,20,9921.311.31 0.005,20,992
Sub Total B382068122948761,22,94,876 30.861,22,94,8761,22,94,87630.8630.86 0.0088,64,958
B=B1+B2+B382122125234401,25,23,440 31.441,25,23,4401,25,23,44031.4431.44 0.0090,77,402
Details of the shareholders acting as persons in Concert including their Shareholding (No. and %):
Details of Shares which remain unclaimed may be given here along with details such as number of shareholders, outstanding shares held in demat/unclaimed suspense account, voting rights which are frozen etc.
(1) PAN would not be displayed on website of Stock Exchange(s).
(2) The above format needs to disclose name of all holders holding more than 1% of total number of shares
(3) W.r.t. the information pertaining to Depository Receipts, the same may be disclosed in the respective columns to the extent information available,.