Shareholding Pattern Public Shareholder
Vedanta Ltd
Scrip Code : 500295Quarter ending : March 2020

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Public shareholder

Category & Name of the ShareholdersNo. of shareholderNo. of fully paid up equity shares heldNo. of shares underlying Depository ReceiptsTotal no. shares heldShareholding % calculated as per SCRR, 1957 As a % of (A+B+C2)No. of Voting RightsTotal as a % of Total Voting rightNo. of equity shares held in dematerialized form(Not Applicable)
B1) Institutions00 0.000.00
Mutual Funds/3140552647140,55,26,471 10.9140,55,26,47110.9140,55,26,471
ICICI PRUDENTIAL EQUITY ARBITRAGE FUND118689603018,68,96,030 5.0318,68,96,0305.0318,68,96,030
HDFC TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED - HDFC INFRASTRUCTURE FUND1919813289,19,81,328 2.479,19,81,3282.479,19,81,328
SBI ARBITRAGE OPPORTUNITIES FUND1416552914,16,55,291 1.124,16,55,2911.124,16,55,291
Alternate Investment Funds3461647646,16,476 0.1246,16,4760.1246,16,476
Foreign Portfolio Investors5065633864398,32,30856,42,18,747 15.1856,42,18,74715.1856,42,13,907
Financial Institutions/ Banks3824600225624,60,02,256 6.6224,60,02,2566.6224,59,77,836
LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA - ULIF00220091123669347523,66,93,475 6.3723,66,93,4756.3723,66,93,475
Insurance Companies4295119472,95,11,947 0.792,95,11,9470.792,95,11,947
Any Other (specify)17127053691,27,05,369 0.341,27,05,3690.341,27,05,369
QUALIFIED INSTITUTIONAL BUYER17127053691,27,05,369 0.341,27,05,3690.341,27,05,369
Sub Total B159912617489588,32,3081,26,25,81,266 33.971,26,25,81,26633.971,26,25,52,006
B2) Central Government/ State Government(s)/ President of India00 0.000.00
B3) Non-Institutions00 0.000.00
Individual share capital upto Rs. 2 Lacs70289826999123226,99,91,232 7.2626,99,91,2327.2626,03,36,469
Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs14103537181,03,53,718 0.281,03,53,7180.281,03,53,718
NBFCs registered with RBI71743217,432 0.0017,4320.0017,432
Overseas Depositories (holding DRs) (balancing figure)1016,24,87,50016,24,87,500 4.3716,24,87,5004.3716,24,87,500
CITIBANK N.A. NEW YORK, NYADR DEPARTMENT1016,24,87,50016,24,87,500 4.3716,24,87,5004.3716,24,87,500
Any Other (specify)2783513373958328,85913,37,68,442 3.6013,37,68,4423.6013,33,56,704
THIS REPRESENTS FOREIGN BODIES170007,000 0.007,0000.007,000
Clearing Members364105993761,05,99,376 0.291,05,99,3760.291,05,99,376
THIS REPRESENTS NRI NON-REPATRIATION4012333754233,37,542 0.0933,37,5420.0933,37,542
Non-Resident Indian (NRI)7243745817274,58,172 0.2074,58,1720.2073,64,865
HUF13670998475499,84,754 0.2799,84,7540.2799,84,754
Foreign Nationals1200200 0.002000.00200
THIS REPRESENTS FOREIGN BODIES - DR1028,85928,859 0.0028,8590.0028,859
Bodies Corporate2507829022998,29,02,299 2.238,29,02,2992.238,25,86,624
PTC CABLES PRIVATE LTD1427302004,27,30,200 1.154,27,30,2001.154,27,30,200
Overseas Corporate Bodies111001,100 0.001,1000.001,100
Trusts34149854981,49,85,498 0.401,49,85,4980.401,49,82,742
IEPF1446364244,63,642 0.1244,63,6420.1244,63,642
Sub Total B373075541410196516,25,16,35957,66,18,324 15.5157,66,18,32415.5156,65,51,823
B=B1+B2+B3731354167585092316,33,48,6671,83,91,99,590 49.481,83,91,99,59049.481,82,91,03,829
Details of the shareholders acting as persons in Concert including their Shareholding (No. and %):
Details of Shares which remain unclaimed may be given here along with details such as number of shareholders, outstanding shares held in demat/unclaimed suspense account, voting rights which are frozen etc.
(1) PAN would not be displayed on website of Stock Exchange(s).
(2) The above format needs to disclose name of all holders holding more than 1% of total number of shares
(3) W.r.t. the information pertaining to Depository Receipts, the same may be disclosed in the respective columns to the extent information available,.

Details of the shareholders acting as persons in Concert for Public

Serial No.Shareholder NameName of the PACNumber of sharesPercentage of shareholding by PAC
1Naivedya AgarwalNaivedya Agarwal81,650-
2Jyoti AgarwalJyoti Agarwal14,000-
3Shweta AgarwalShweta Agarwal1,350-
4Varunn ModyVarunn Mody200-

Details of Shares which remain unclaimed for Public

Serial No.Number of shareholdersOutstanding shares held in demat or unclaimed suspense accountvoting rights which are frozenDisclosure of notes on shares which remain unclaimed for public shareholders