Shareholding Pattern
Scrip Code : 532848Quarter ending : December 2010

Shareholding of securities (including shares, warrants, convertible securities) of persons belonging to the category Promoter and Promoter Group

Sl.No.Name of the ShareholderDetails of Shares heldEncumbered shares (*)Details of warrantsDetails of convertible securitiesTotal shares (including underlying shares assuming full conversion of warrants and convertible securities) as a % of diluted share capital
No. of Shares heldAs a % of grand total (A)+(B)+(C)NoAs a percentageAs a % of
grand total
(A)+(B)+(C) of sub-clause (I)(a)
Number of warrants heldAs a % total number of warrants of the same classNumber of convertible securities heldAs a % total number of convertible securities of the same class
1Jaydev Mukund Mody1,96,06,5019.72550050028.052.73
2Chand V Arora11,2500.0100.000.00
3Ambika Singhania Kothari11,3800.0100.000.00
4Gopika Singhania3,23,7500.1600.000.00
5Zia Jaydev Mody6,01,38,71029.8000.000.00
6Highland Resorts Pvt Ltd4,47,1300.2200.000.00
7Onestar Mercantile Company Pvt Ltd3,70,1200.1800.000.00
8Aryanish Finance & Investments Pvt ltd27,46,6661.3600.000.00
9Bayside Property Developers Pvt Ltd27,46,6671.3600.000.00
10Delta Real Estate Cousultancy Pvt Ltd27,46,6671.3600.000.00
(*) The term encumbrance has the same meaning as assigned to it in regulation 28(3) of the SAST Regulations, 2011.