Shareholding Pattern
Scrip Code : 500020Quarter ending : June 2006

Shareholding belonging to the category : Promoter and Promoter Group

Sl. No.Name of the ShareholderNo. of SharesShares as % of Total No. of Shares
1Nusli N Wadia1,23,3500.32
2Maureen Nusli Wadia39,9860.10
3Jehangir Nusli Wadia13,5000.03
4Ness Nusli Wadia13,5000.03
5Bachoobhai W Daschkow1,62,8060.42
6Elizabeth Anne Guhi45,0000.12
7Diana Claria Wadia3,70,8080.96
8Dina Nevitte Wadia91,6440.24
9Ben Novis Investments Ltd20,56,7585.33
10Newpoint Enterprises Ltd50,0000.13
11Sea Wind Investments & Trading Co Ltd23,00,1215.96
12Nowrosjee Wadia & Sons Ltd17,69,8564.58
13Lochness Investments Pvt Ltd16,57,9004.29
14Jehreen Investments Pvt Ltd15,83,0744.10
15Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd34,56,5438.95
16N W Exports Ltd11,13,6742.88
17Perman Project Supports Ltd6,60,0001.71
18National Peroxide Ltd2,97,9400.77
19Gherzi Eastern Investments Ltd83,9500.22
20Naperol Investments Ltd81,2400.21
21Macrosoft Investments Ltd49,6400.13
22Gherzi Eastern Ltd39,0920.10
23Lotus Viniyog Pvt Ltd28,9380.07
24Kalabakan Investments Co Ltd27,1630.07
25Havenkores Real Estates Ltd24,5280.06
26Dental Products of India Ltd52,9800.14
27Afco Industrial & Chemicals Ltd11,9320.03
28Nessville Trading Pvt Ltd5,1100.01
29Neville Ness Wadia Trust3,33,1000.86
30Neville Ness Wadia Trust36,1060.09
31Neville Ness Wadia Trust27,4000.07