Shareholding Pattern
Scrip Code : 534312Quarter Ending : March 2020

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Promoter and Promoter Group

Category of shareholderEntity TypeNos. of shareholdersNo. of fully paid up equity shares heldTotal nos. shares heldShareholding as a % of total no. of shares (calculated as per SCRR, 1957)As a % of (A+B+C2)Number of Voting Rights held in each class of securities Number of Locked in shares Number of Shares pledged or otherwise encumbered Number of equity shares held in dematerialized form
No.(a)As a % of total Shares held(b)No.(a)As a % of total Shares held(b)
Class eg: XTotal
A1) Indian
Individuals/Hindu undivided Family 11,32,52,4531,32,52,45318.351,32,52,45318.350.001,10,00,00083.001,32,52,453
Mahesh Raghu Shetty 11,32,52,4531,32,52,45318.351,32,52,45318.350.001,10,00,00083.001,32,52,453
Any Other (specify) 14,27,01,1734,27,01,17359.124,27,01,17359.121,43,56,99733.622,16,68,41650.744,27,01,173
Zee Learn Limited 14,27,01,1734,27,01,17359.124,27,01,17359.121,43,56,99733.622,16,68,41650.744,27,01,173
Sub Total A1 25,59,53,6265,59,53,62677.475,59,53,62677.471,43,56,99725.663,26,68,41658.385,59,53,626
A2) Foreign
A=A1+A2 25,59,53,6265,59,53,62677.475,59,53,62677.471,43,56,99725.663,26,68,41658.385,59,53,626