Shareholding Pattern
Vodafone Idea Ltd
Scrip Code : 532822Quarter Ending : December 2016

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Promoter and Promoter Group

Category of shareholderEntity TypeNos. of shareholdersNo. of fully paid up equity shares heldTotal nos. shares heldShareholding as a % of total no. of shares (calculated as per SCRR, 1957)As a % of (A+B+C2)Number of Voting Rights held in each class of securities Number of equity shares held in dematerialized form
Class eg: XTotal
A1) Indian 0.000.00
Individuals/Hindu undivided Family 12,33,3332,33,3330.012,33,3330.012,33,333
Kumar Managalam Birla 12,33,3332,33,3330.012,33,3330.012,33,333
Any Other (specify) 51,52,86,14,2141,52,86,14,21442.441,52,86,14,21442.441,52,86,14,214
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. 183,75,26,22183,75,26,22123.2583,75,26,22123.2583,75,26,221
Birla TMT Holdings Pvt. Ltd. 128,35,65,37328,35,65,3737.8728,35,65,3737.8728,35,65,373
Grasim Industries Ltd. 117,10,13,89417,10,13,8944.7517,10,13,8944.7517,10,13,894
Hindalco Industries Ltd. 122,83,40,22622,83,40,2266.3422,83,40,2266.3422,83,40,226
Pilani Investments and Industries Corporation Ltd. 181,68,50081,68,5000.2381,68,5000.2381,68,500
Sub Total A1 61,52,88,47,5471,52,88,47,54742.451,52,88,47,54742.451,52,88,47,547
A2) Foreign 0.000.00
A=A1+A2 61,52,88,47,5471,52,88,47,54742.451,52,88,47,54742.451,52,88,47,547