Shareholding Pattern
Scrip Code : 526504Quarter Ending : September 2023

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Promoter and Promoter Group

Category of shareholderEntity TypeNos. of shareholdersNo. of fully paid up equity shares heldTotal nos. shares heldShareholding as a % of total no. of shares (calculated as per SCRR, 1957)As a % of (A+B+C2)Number of Voting Rights held in each class of securities Number of equity shares held in dematerialized form
Class eg: XTotal
A1) Indian 0.000.00
Individuals/Hindu undivided Family 4139,92,30139,92,30126.4439,92,30126.4438,92,290
G V MOHAN PRASADPromoter Group 119,18,79219,18,79212.7119,18,79212.7119,18,792
M LAKSHMI SUDHAPromoter Group 112,44,59812,44,5988.2412,44,5988.2412,44,598
G VIMALA KUMARIPromoter Group 12,55,0002,55,0001.692,55,0001.692,55,000
MADALA SESHARATNAMPromoter Group 11,20,0001,20,0000.791,20,0000.791,20,000
G ESWARCHANDPromoter Group 11,10,0001,10,0000.731,10,0000.731,10,000
SAMBASIVA RAO MUSUNURUPromoter 170,40070,4000.4770,4000.4770,400
M VIJAYA LAKSHMIPromoter 168,00068,0000.4568,0000.4568,000
BALAMANMADA RAO MUSUNURUPromoter 162,30062,3000.4162,3000.4162,300
MADALA MANJUSHAPromoter 120,00020,0000.1320,0000.1320,000
G KRISHNA KUMARIPromoter Group 120,00020,0000.1320,0000.13
V SURAJ KUMARPromoter 17,5007,5000.057,5000.05
M PAPAIAHPromoter 17,5007,5000.057,5000.05
VALLABHANENI BALAJIPromoter 17,5007,5000.057,5000.057,500
P PHANIDHARPromoter 110,00010,0000.0710,0000.07
LUKKA DURGA PRASADPromoter 17,0007,0000.057,0000.05
VADDE SRINIVASA RAOPromoter 16,5006,5000.046,5000.046,500
K HARISHPromoter 15,0005,0000.035,0000.03
A KOUSALYAPromoter 15,0005,0000.035,0000.03
RAJENDRA MADALAPromoter 14,7004,7000.034,7000.034,700
YADLAPALLI VISHNU VARDHANA RAOPromoter 14,5004,5000.034,5000.034,500
DR.KESAVA KRISHNAPromoter 13,0003,0000.023,0000.02
L USHA RANIPromoter 12,5002,5000.022,5000.02
KESARANENI SUNIL KUMARPromoter 12,5002,5000.022,5000.02
K RADHIKAPromoter 12,5002,5000.022,5000.02
K ANIL KUMARPromoter 12,5092,5090.022,5090.02
G SIVARAMAKRISHNA RAOPromoter 12,5002,5000.022,5000.02
G S SRIDHARPromoter 12,5002,5000.022,5000.02
A V SEKHARPromoter 12,5002,5000.022,5000.02
Y NARASIMHA RAOPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
Y SRILATHAPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
Y VISHNUVARDHANA RAOPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
V V RAMA RAOPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
S KRISHNA MOHANPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
P SARVARIPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
M NAGESWARA RAOPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
K ROOPAPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
K V R NARASAIAHPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
K ASHOK KUMARPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
D SREERAMULUPromoter 11,5001,5000.011,5000.01
P SUBBAMMAPromoter 11,0001,0000.011,0000.01
P RAVIPromoter 1220.0020.00
Sub Total A1 4139,92,30139,92,30126.4439,92,30126.4438,92,290
A2) Foreign 0.000.00
A=A1+A2 4139,92,30139,92,30126.4439,92,30126.4438,92,290
The very few promoter shares (of less than 0.66% of total shares and 2.50% of the promoter shares) could not be dematerialized due to lack of initiative and proper response from the respective promoters (with physical shares) in spite of many reminders. Efforts are still being made for this.