Shareholding Pattern Non Promoter-Non Public
Scrip Code : 524204Quarter ending : March 2022

Statement showing shareholding pattern of the Non Promoter- Non Public shareholder

Category & Name of the Shareholders(I)No. of shareholder(III)No. of fully paid up equity shares held(IV)Partly paid-up equity shares held(V)Total no. shares held(VII = IV+V+VI)Shareholding % calculated as per SCRR, 1957 As a % of (A+B+C2)(VIII)Number of equity shares held in dematerialized form(XIV)(Not Applicable)
C1) Custodian/DR Holder00 0.00
C2) Employee Benefit Trust00 0.00
(1) PAN would not be displayed on website of Stock Exchange(s).
(2) The above format needs to disclose name of all holders holding more than 1% of total number of shares
(3) W.r.t. the information pertaining to Depository Receipts, the same may be disclosed in the respective columns to the extent information available,.