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Consolidated Results

Result Type:   Standalone    Detailed  Segment
Security Code : 517536 Company Name : ONWARD TECHNOLOGIES LTD.

Date Begin01-Apr-16
Date End31-Mar-17
DescriptionAmount (Rs. million)
Net Sales2,237.31
Other Income24.90
Total Income2,262.20
Finance Costs-28.08
Other Expenses-440.80
Employee benefit expense-1,643.32
Purchases of stock-in-trade-29.59
Depreciation and amortisation expense-43.30
Profit after Interest but before Exceptional Items77.12
Exceptional Item0.00
Profit before extraordinary items and Tax77.12
Extraordinary Items0.00
Profit (+)/ Loss (-) from Ordinary Activities before Tax77.12
Deferred Tax-4.57
Current tax-14.16
Previous year tax adjustment-5.28
Net Profit (+)/ Loss (-) from Ordinary Activities after Tax53.11
Net Profit Loss for the period from continuing operations53.11
Profit (loss) from discontinuing operations before tax0.00
Tax expense of discontinuing operations0.00
Net profit (loss) from discontinuing operation after tax0.00
Net Profit53.11
Minority Interest0.00
Share of Profit & Loss of Asso0.00
Net Profit after Mino Inter & Share of P & L53.11
Any Other0.00
Income Attributable to Consolidated Group53.11
EPS after Extraordinary items (in Rs)
Basic for discontinued & continuing operation3.52
Diluted for discontinued & continuing operation3.28

Note : 1. The results displayed here are as furnished by the company at the relevant point of time.
2. Operating Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin and Cash EPS is calculated and not furnished by the company.
3. Quarterly, Half Yearly, Annual will be displayed for current period and 3 immediately preceding periods.
4. Where no data is available for any of the immediately preceding period, then there will be no display for that period.