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Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
539979DIGJAMLTDTextilesQuarterly Results13 Dec 2018
532015GRAVITYTextilesGeneral13 Dec 2018
530965IOCOil Marketing & DistributionBuy Back of Shares,Interim Dividend13 Dec 2018
539927LIKHAMIConsulting ServicesGeneral13 Dec 2018
538401METSLElectronic ComponentsIssue Of Warrants,Preferential Issue of shares13 Dec 2018
538646PARNAMIOther Financial ServicesGeneral13 Dec 2018
539883PILANIINVSHolding CompaniesQuarterly Results13 Dec 2018
590128SHREETULSIIT Consulting & SoftwareGeneral13 Dec 2018
542141TECHNOEConstruction & EngineeringBuy Back of Shares13 Dec 2018
526853BIHealthcare SuppliesGeneral14 Dec 2018
511208IVCAsset Management Cos.Quarterly Results14 Dec 2018
531882KWALITYPackaged FoodsQuarterly Results14 Dec 2018
505797MPCOSEMBOther Industrial GoodsReduction of Capital14 Dec 2018
540027PTILSpecialty RetailGeneral,Quarterly Results14 Dec 2018
530053REALNEWSRealtyGeneral14 Dec 2018
505141SCOOTER2/3 WheelersGeneral14 Dec 2018
526500STRGRENWOHotelsGeneral14 Dec 2018
533171UNITEDBNKBanksGeneral14 Dec 2018
513005VBCFERROQIron & Steel/Interm.ProductsGeneral14 Dec 2018
530151VIJAYTXComm.Trading & DistributionGeneral14 Dec 2018
534064AIMLIron & Steel ProductsQuarterly Results15 Dec 2018
526373CINDHOHotelsGeneral15 Dec 2018
531913GOPAISTIron & Steel ProductsGeneral15 Dec 2018
533008OISLIron & Steel/Interm.ProductsHalf Yearly Results,Quarterly Results15 Dec 2018
539331VETOOther Elect.Equip./ Prod.General15 Dec 2018
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