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Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
522261DOLPHINOFFOil Equipment & ServicesGeneral21 Sep 2018
533208EMAMIPAPPaper & Paper ProductsGeneral21 Sep 2018
531600GOGIACAPOther Financial ServicesPreferential Issue of shares,Increase in Authorised Capital,A.G.M.21 Sep 2018
531919MUDITFNInvestment CompaniesVoluntary Delisting of Shares21 Sep 2018
530129NILEIron & Steel ProductsGeneral21 Sep 2018
532521PALREDIT Software ProductsGeneral21 Sep 2018
540027PTILSpecialty RetailGeneral21 Sep 2018
532159PUSHPAOther Financial ServicesIssue Of Warrants,Preferential Issue of shares21 Sep 2018
504614SARDAENIron & Steel/Interm.ProductsEmployees Stock Option Plan21 Sep 2018
532553WELENTConstruction & EngineeringGeneral21 Sep 2018
524768EMMESSACommodity ChemicalsGeneral22 Sep 2018
526983ASHOKREOther Agricultural ProductsGeneral,A.G.M.24 Sep 2018
539884DARSHANORNAOther Apparels & AccessoriesBonus issue24 Sep 2018
500246ENVAIRELIndustrial MachineryIssue Of Warrants24 Sep 2018
533264ESLConstruction & EngineeringGeneral24 Sep 2018
502250MARATHRConstruction MaterialsRights Issue,General24 Sep 2018
531834NATHUECOther Agricultural ProductsGeneral,A.G.M.24 Sep 2018
506642SADHNANIQCommodity ChemicalsStock Split24 Sep 2018
532643SGFLOther Industrial ProductsA.G.M.24 Sep 2018
512485DHANCOTComm.Trading & DistributionGeneral25 Sep 2018
539032FRASERComm.Trading & DistributionGeneral25 Sep 2018
540798FSCTransportation - LogisticsGeneral25 Sep 2018
526640RAYALEMAHotelsGeneral25 Sep 2018
526861RISHILASEIndustrial MachineryGeneral25 Sep 2018
538891SIPROJECTSFinance (including NBFCs)General25 Sep 2018
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