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Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
503639INDSOYAMisc.Commercial ServicesGeneral17 Sep 2021
532921ADANIPORTSMarine Port & ServicesGeneral18 Sep 2021
542678CHCLPharmaceuticalsIncrease in Authorised Capital;General18 Sep 2021
507779KANPRPLAContainers & PackagingBonus issue18 Sep 2021
500460MUKANDLTDIron & Steel/Interm.ProductsGeneral18 Sep 2021
531870POPULARESConstruction & EngineeringGeneral;A.G.M.18 Sep 2021
570005SCAPDVR Preferential Issue of shares18 Sep 2021
540737SGRLPharmaceuticalsBonus issue18 Sep 2021
532455SHALIWIRCopperGeneral18 Sep 2021
531723STAMPEDEOther Financial ServicesPreferential Issue of shares18 Sep 2021
532904SUPREMEINFConstruction & EngineeringQuarterly Results;Audited Results18 Sep 2021
524542SUKHJITSOther Agricultural ProductsRight Issue of Equity Shares;Increase in Authorised Capital;Preferential Issue of shares;General;Issue Of Warrants19 Sep 2021
543309ADESHWARHealthcare SuppliesGeneral20 Sep 2021
520077AMTEKAUTOAuto Parts & EquipmentAudited Results20 Sep 2021
511144ASYAINFOIT Consulting & SoftwareAudited Results20 Sep 2021
543238UTIAMCAsset Management Cos.General20 Sep 2021
538970WARDINMOBI2/3 WheelersRight Issue of Equity Shares;General20 Sep 2021
538863AMARNATHFinance (including NBFCs)General21 Sep 2021
542865ANUROOPContainers & PackagingRights Issue21 Sep 2021
531918HINDAPLComm.Trading & DistributionVoluntary Delisting of Shares21 Sep 2021
539762MODCLOther Agricultural ProductsGeneral21 Sep 2021
538646QGOFinance (including NBFCs)General21 Sep 2021
507952SHIKHARLETRFinance (including NBFCs)Voluntary Delisting of Shares21 Sep 2021
539017STARHFLHousing Finance Preferential Issue of shares21 Sep 2021
508963STRLGUAFinance (including NBFCs)General21 Sep 2021
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