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Corporate Announcement

Security Code : 519479    Company : OMEAG    
Board Meeting on Sep 02, 2011 
  Exchange Disseminated Time     
Omega Ag-Seeds Punjab Ltd has informed BSE that a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held on September 02, 2011, inter alia, to consider following matters;

1. To increase the Authorised Share Capital of the company from 5 Crores to 25 Crores.

2. To consider issue of further equity shares and/or any securities linked to, convertible into or exchangeable for equity shares for on aggregate amount not exceeding Rs. 6 Crores, subject to the approval of the members of the Company and to authorize Management committee of Board of Directors to take decisions in this regard.

3. To consider and approve the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account for the year 2010-11 and the reports of directors and Auditor’s thereon.

4. To consider / note the status of Directors under section 274 (1) (g).

5. To consider and take note of the directors to retire by rotation at Annual General meeting.

6. To fix date; time and venue of the ensuing Annual General Meeting.

7. To consider the Appointment of Auditor's and the payment of remuneration to them, to be proposed for members' consideration.

8. To take note of the draft Auditor's report.

9. To consider the draft Directors' Report and to authorize Issuance thereof.

10. To approve / note the closure of the Register of Members and the Share Transfer Books for purpose of the Annual General Meeting.

11. To consider the draft Notice of the Annual General Meeting and to authorize issuance thereof.


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