Corporate Announcement
Security Code : 534711    Company : CINEMAXIND    
  Exchange Disseminated Time     
Cinemax India Ltd has informed BSE that:

"The Company has been informed by its promoters that, they have entered into a definitive sale agreement with PVR Limited (through Cine Hospitality Private Limited, its wholly owned subsidiary) for the sale of their entire stake of 69.27% (sixty nine point two seven per cent) in Cinemax India Limited.

The sale has been completed for a total sale consideration of Rs. 394,97,54,278 (Rupees Three Hundred and Ninety Four Crores Ninety Seven Lakh Fifty Four Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy Eight) at a price of Rs. 203.65 (Rupees Two Hundred and Three Point Six Five only) per equity share."


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