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Registrar & Share Transfer Agent Update I.E. Change Of Name Of RTA
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  Exchange Received Time  29/11/2018 13:45:43         Exchange Disseminated Time   29/11/2018 13:45:48              Time Taken   00:00:05
The Company has been informed by Karvy Computershare Private Limited (KCPL), the Registrar & Share Transfer Agent of the Company, vide their e-mail dated 29th November, 2018 that pursuant to Order of the Hyderabad Bench of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), the operations of KCPL have been transferred to Karvy Fintech Private Limited (Karvy Fintech) with effect from 17th November, 2018.

The Company has been further informed that pursuant to the NCLT Order, all the existing agreements to which KCPL is a party including the agreements entered into by the Company shall be in full force and vest with Karvy Fintech Private Limited and all statutory licenses held by the transferor company i.e KCPL, whether statutory or otherwise, shall also transferred to Karvy Fintech Private Limited on the same terms and conditions as are available to KCPL.

We request you to take note of the same and update the name of Karvy Fintech Private Limited as the Share Transfer Agents of the Company in your records.


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