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Corporate Announcement

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Ampucare receives FICCI gold medal for best innovationDownload PDF
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Venus Remedies Ltd has informed BSE regarding US-based Lockheed Martin Foundation, Texas University to assist Venus Remedies to market Ampucare a miraculous wound healing product of the Company in US".

Announcement :

"The Us-based Lockheed Martin Foundation and the University of Texas will assist Venus Remedies to commercialise its advanced wound care product Ampucare in the US market. The assistance will be provided to the company for having won the best innovation award under the India Innovation Growth program 2010 organized by MCCI, Department of Science and Technology Govt. of India, Lockheed Martin Corporation, IC2 Institute at the University of Texas and Indo-US Science & Technology Forum.

On May 20, the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) along with DST, Indo US S&T Forum, Lockheed Martin Corporation and the 1C2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin gave away gold medals to 15 Indian entrepreneurs for their Impactful innovations which can bring sea changes in the lives of the people. The winners were selected by a project team comprising subject matter experts from the IC2 Institute, University of Texas, and MCCI from about 394 applicants of which 30 innovative technologies from a wide range of sectors such as aeronautics, medical/life sciences,, agriculture, biotechnology, chemistry, communications, computing defence, electronics, environment, IT. manufacturing, marine, materials, nanotechnology, petrochemical, semi-conductors and transportation were selected.

Of the 30, Ampucare was among 15 which were initially selected by the panel and were awarded gold medals during the ceremony by the Union Minister of State for science and Technology, Prithviraj Chauhan in presences of Senior officials from Lockheed Martin, DST, FICCI. University of Texas, Indo-US S&T Forum.

Ampucare is a synergistic concentrate of aqueous and extracts of poly herbal ingredients and has been used in over 500,000 cases with near 100% effectiveness in treating non healing wounds from a variety of sources including; diabetic ulcers, amputee candidates (gangrene related), bedsores of varying levels and massive burn issues.

In US, the industry is always on the look out for a solution for non healing wounds for illnesses 111cc amputation due to diabetic foot ulcers (DM1) and severe burn injuries. Many governmental agencies are now investing directly into wound technologies including US military, Ampucare has potential to prevent amputation in diabetic foot ulcer patients. The award to us is a testimony to the fact that our technology holds a good promise. Venus is searching for a suitable partner and this forum is assisting Venus in finding partner and entering into US market.

Venus is already marketing this product in the name of Ampucare and Septilock in India and some African and QS countries

In the US, the wound care market accounts for $2.6 Billion in annual spending. Globally, the wound care market is an estimated $11 billion dollar market of which 56% is devoted to advanced wound care technology. Market growth typically follows worldwide population growth patterns and is currently estimated to grow by 12% per year.

Some of the industry leaders in US wound care market include 3M. Johnson & Johnson, and Smith & Nephew.

There is an estimated 1.7 million people in US living with an amputation and approximately 135.000 new amputations yearly. More than 40,000 leg amputations have been reported per year in India alone. In UK 5,000 people have an zunputatioril year i.e. 100 people every week.

Ampucare is the only product, which not only possess strong antibacterial, anti- fungal properties but is also a pain killer, prevents inflammation, improves blood flow, provides tissue nutrition and promotes angiogellesis and faster granulation, thus resulting in complete wound healing. Ampucare also reduced treatment time and thus helps in drastic reduction in hospitalization time which ultimately lead to reduction in therapy cost.

Ampucare technology has been a team effort of dedicated scientists working at Venus Medicine Research Center (VM1ZC), a DSIR approved in - house R & D Center of Venus Remedies Ltd. Multcentric Phase III & IV clinical trials of the product were done at various reputed hospitals of India for burn, Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) and bed sore patients.

The product is under patent protection in India and 50 other countries including IFS. China. Japan, 37 countries of EU, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, UAE, Vietnam, Korea, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand."


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