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Corporate Announcement

Security Code : 507435    Company : KHODAY    
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"Khoday India Ltd has submitted to BSE a copy of the report published in the Times of India news paper dated June 06, 2013 in all its editions in India, concerning our Company, erroneously mentioning that Khoday India Limited has "inked a strategic brewing pact with SAB Miller" to produce various brands of beer belonging to the latter.

We have since clarified to the Editor of Times of India news paper that the agreement referred to in their news report is actually between SAB Miller India Private Limited & Khodays Breweries Limited, which is an unlisted public company in the Khoday Group and our listed Company Khoday India Limited is not at all a party to the said agreement. Subsequently, Times of India in their edition dated June 08, 2013 has published a clarification at page 24, regretting their error."


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