Corporate Announcement
Security Code : 531146    Company : MEDICAMEQ    
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  Exchange Received Time  17/09/2019 13:58:39         Exchange Disseminated Time   9/17/2019 1:58:43 PM              Time Taken   00:00:04
In accordance with Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015, we hereby inform you that the Company has entered into the following Agreements:

1. Vide an agreement dated 16.09.2019, acquisition of the entire (100%) Equity Share Capital of OPAL Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (a company incorporated in Australia, hereinafter referred to as 'OPAL') (the 'Target Company') from its existing shareholders for a consideration aggregating up to (AU) $ 420,000. On completion of all the closing formalities, the Target Company will become a 100% Subsidiary of the Company.

2. Subsequently, vide an agreement dated 17.09.2019, disposal/sale of 25% Equity Share Capital of OPAL held by the Company to Baxyran Healthcare Private Limited (the 'Buyer') for a consideration of Rs. 51, 53,400/- Only . Therefore, post the aforesaid transfer, OPAL shall cease to be Company's WOS and the Company will become holder of 75% Equity Share Capital in the said subsidiary.


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