Corporate Announcement
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Outcome Of Meeting Of Board Of Directors Held On 20.05.2020Download PDF Download XBRL
  Exchange Received Time  20/05/2020 17:54:24         Exchange Disseminated Time   20/05/2020 17:54:32              Time Taken   00:00:08
This is to inform to you that, the Board of Directors of the Company, in its meeting held today, approved the following decisions:
1. Resignation of Chandra Sekhar Pogula as Director of the company with effect from 05.06.2020.
2. The Board approved the appointment of Dr.Manohar Loka Reddy, presently, the Chairman & Non-Executive Director of the Company, as the Chairman & Managing Director with effect from 05th June, 2020.
3. The committees were reconstituted as follows:
The meeting commenced at 04.00 P.M. and concluded at 05.40 P.M.


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