Corporate Announcement
Security Code : 532644    Company : JKCEMENT    
  Exchange Disseminated Time     5/27/2020 7:19:15 PM
With reference to Movement in Volume, JK Cement Ltd has Clarified to BSE as under :

"This is with reference to your trailing letter/email message No. L/SURV/ONL/PV/NJ/2020-2021/46 dated 27th May2020, seeking clarification in respect of increase in volume of the Company's scrip, in the recent past, as traded across exchange.

In this regard we wish to clarify that the Company has sent/uploaded intimations to the Exchange about commencement of operations at its various manufacturing units after Covid 19 lockdown. Save and except the same no other material information is required to be informed to stock exchanges in terms of Regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 which has a bearing on the Volume behavior of the Company's Scrip. Therefore, the increase in Volume of the Company's Scrip is purely market driven.

We reiterate that, we have provided latest relevant information and there is no other information and/or announcement (including impending announcement) which in our opinion may have a bearing on the Volume behavior in the Company's Scrip."


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