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Anuh Pharma Ltd has informed BSE that following the inspection of manufacturing site of Anuh Pharma Ltd. at E-17/3 and E-17/4, Boisar, the EDQM Ad Hoc Committee has taken the following decision to suspend the certificate of suitability:

- Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate

- Erythromycin

- Pyrazinamide

and to close the application for a certificate of suitability of Erythromycin Stearate.

According to the resolution, they have given us the possibility to request a hearing in order to ask the EDQM Ad Hoc Committee to review its decision.

The Company is fully and wholly committed to GMP compliance. The Company appreciate the efforts of EDQM to ensure GMP compliance through the CEP programme and the Company wish to work in the spirit of partnership with EDQM.

The Company is fully committed in resolving this issue at the earliest.


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