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Security Code : 542066    Company : ATGL    
Clarification issued by NSDL to Adani Group 
  Exchange Disseminated Time     15/06/2021 08:55:51
This has reference to the Clarification issued by the company on a news article published in Economic Times headlined as - A/c's of 3 FPl's Owning Adani Shares Frozen. In this regard, all the market participants are requested to note the clarification issued by NSDL to Adani Group.
This has reference to your email dated June 14, 2021.

We wish to inform you that the status of the Demat account of your shareholders may be verified from NSDL DPM (SHR) system available with your RTA and the beneficiary position details downloaded to your RTA. The current status of the Demat accounts of the shareholders is available in the DPM (SHR) system. As may be verified from the said system, the status of Demat accounts mentioned in your trail email are held in 'Active" status in NSDL system. Further, the below Demat accounts are in 'Suspended for Debit' status in terms of SEBI order no. WTM/PS/58/IVD/JUN/2016 dated June 16, 2016:

Name of account holder PAN DP ID Client ID Status
Cresta Fund Ltd. AADCC2634A IN300167 10080367 Suspended for Debit
Albula Investment Fund Ltd AAHCA3597Q IN300167 10080376 Suspended for Debit
APMS Investment Fund Ltd AAECM5148A IN300167 10018332 Suspended for Debit


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