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Security Code : 540649    Company : AVADHSUGAR    
Compliances-Reg. 39 (3) - Details of Loss of Certificate / Duplicate CertificateDownload PDFDownload XBRL
  Exchange Received Time  05/09/2019 15:51:54         Exchange Disseminated Time   9/5/2019 3:52:01 PM              Time Taken   00:00:07
We would like to inform you that we have been intimated by our Registrar and Share Transfer Agents, Link Intime India Private that they have received below mentioned request for issue of duplicate share certificate(s) from the following shareholder(s) who have lost their original share certificate(s):

Folio No. Name of the Shareholder(s) Certificate No. Distinctive Nos. No. of shares
ANNAPURNA MAHAJAN 1504 60231 - 60560 330

Please note that Duplicate share certificate(s) shall be issued only on receipt of complete documents from the shareholder(s) to the satisfaction of Link Intime India Private Limited and the Company including completion of procedural requirements in this regard.

You are requested to notify your members about the loss of aforesaid share certificate(s) and advise them not to deal in any way with the lost share certificate(s).


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