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  Exchange Received Time  12/08/2019 16:31:52         Exchange Disseminated Time   12/08/2019 16:32:01              Time Taken   00:00:09
The Board of Directors in its meeting held today i.e. 12.08.2019 has considered and approved the following: 1.Un-audited Financial Results for the quarter ended June 30, 2019 2. Consolidated Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31.03.2019.3. Took note of the cessation of Mr. J.S. Mann as an Independent Director 4. Appointment of Ms. Anu Ahluwalia as an Add. Woman Independent Director w.e.f. 12.08.2019 for a term of 5 years.5.The 35th AGM will be held on 11.09.2019 at 10.30 AM.for the purpose of payment of final dividend for the FY 2018-19, the Register of Members and Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from 05.09.2019 to 11.09.2019. Dividend will be paid to the members /beneficial owners, whose name appears in the register of members as at the end of business hours on 04.09.2019 6. The Board has decided that the cutoff date for determining the voting rights for evoting will be 04.09.2019.The Board meeting commenced at 02.00 pm concluded at 4.15 PM



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