Corporate Announcement
Security Code : 532400    Company : BSOFT    
  Exchange Disseminated Time     
Exchange had sought clarification from KPIT Technologies Ltd with respect to the spurt in volumes of the Company's Securities.

In this regard, KPIT Technologies Ltd has Clarified to BSE as under:

"We hereby state that there is no price sensitive information, whatsoever, available with the Company which needs to be informed to the stock exchanges.

We understand that yesterday CNBC Awaaz, a media channel, carried a news item stating that KPIT is going to be acquired by some other company. Possibly, the spurt in volumes is on account of that news. There is absolutely no substance to this news.

This is the third or the fourth time that this channel has carried such a news relating to us. Last time when they carried this news, we spoke to the news channel about this irresponsible reporting and the channel apologised to us for carrying this news. We are really surprised that the channel did the mischief again yesterday.

We are examining legal options for a suitable action against this channel. We would like to know from you whether, in such circumstances, the exchange can also proceed against the channel for such malicious and fictitious news propagation."


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