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Security Code : 532538    Company : ULTRACEMCO    
Compliances-Reg. 39 (3) - Details of Loss of Certificate / Duplicate CertificateDownload PDFDownload XBRL
  Exchange Received Time  29/11/2019 10:55:57         Exchange Disseminated Time   11/29/2019 10:56:02 AM              Time Taken   00:00:05
This has reference to our letter dated 1st November, 2019.

In terms of Regulation 39(3) of SEBI LODR Regulations, the Company has issued duplicate share certificates to 3 shareholders, as per list given in Annexure 1 attached based on information received from the Company's Registrar and Transfer Agent on 28th November, 2019.

The above is for your information please.


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